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Please use this form to confirm your course start and end dates and also the times you will start and finish on each day of the course.

If your start and finish times will be the same each day, please only enter your start and end time in the 'Daily Times' area.

If your start and finish times will be different on various days of the course, please click the "Add times for each day if applicable" button and then enter your start and end times for 'Day One', 'Day Two' and so on.

You must also enter your Name, Email address and Phone number in order that we can process your form.

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Please note that we have some basic instructor Terms & Conditions relating to taking on courses on our behalf. These must be agreed before your details can be submitted:

  1. When a course becomes available we will contact the most suitable instructor to check availability, if unavailable we will leave a message by text or voicemail. We will require a response as soon as possible to avoid risk of losing the customer
  2. At the point a course is booked, we require the related course hours to be scheduled and confirmed between the instructor and Learning2Drive within 24 hours
  3. Hours booked must have reasonable additional time added on for rest breaks and this time must not be included in the paid for time. We recommend 30 minutes every two hours
  4. If any hours need to be moved because of short notice test bookings the customer must be advised as soon as possible and must be rescheduled accordingly
  5. Instructors must also read and understand the Learning2Drive customer/pupil Terms & Conditions that all customers must accept when booking a course
  6. Once the pupil has passed their test you should seek to take a photograph with them holding their test pass certificate
  7. The photo should be sent to Learning2Drive before the end of business on the day the pupil passes their test
  8. If you use social media you agree to mention (tag) Learning2Drive if you use the photo for marketing or promotional purposes

We reserve the right to change, add to and amend these Terms & Conditions at any time.

Terms last updated: 5th June 2015

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Course availability

Courses are normally available four weeks ahead, although students who can offer flexibility on their start date can sometimes find an earlier start is possible, often as soon as next week.